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Important Note:
The KidGuard Insurance Plan is available only to students attending school districts that have arranged with KidGuard to offer the KidGuard Plan. Schools that have contracted with KidGuard should distribute a printed KidGuard Insurance enrollment form to all students with instructions to take the enrollment form home for their parents to review.
If your school has not contracted with KidGuard, your child cannot enroll in the KidGuard Plan. If you submit an enrollment form and your school has not signed a contract with KidGuard to offer the insurance plan, your enrollment form and payment will be returned to you and no coverage will be effective.
If you did not receive a KidGuard brochure from your school, you can contact your school to see if they have contracted with KidGuard to offer the insurance program.

Your school is very interested in maintaining a safe environment for students while providing the educational and recreational activities that they need and deserve. However, accidents do happen everyday during recess periods, sports, physical education classes and other school activities.

As a service to the community, some schools have arranged to offer parents the opportunity to purchase KidGuard, a low cost student accident insurance protection plan. Participating schools have distributed KidGuard enrollment brochures to students to take home for parents to review.

The school does not receive any form of compensation from the insurance company. This service is provided as a public service to parents and students in the school community. The KidGuard student insurance plan may not pay 100% for all medical expenses. The school cannot assume liability for expenses that may be incurred due to a school related injury or any expenses not covered by insurance. The KidGuard student insurance enrollment brochure describes the insurance benefits that you can receive and the limits and terms of the policy.

If you have questions concerning the KidGuard insurance program, please contact the KidGuard Plan Administrator:
Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 411216
St. Louis, MO 63141-1216
Phone: 800.325.1350

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